SY 2009-2010 CoA Activities

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SY 2009-2010 CoA Activities Empty SY 2009-2010 CoA Activities

Post by mwahvz on Wed Jun 10, 2009 4:17 am

June 15-30 Launching of Activities - provides information about the activities that has been done so in the past that has been successful and other new activities that would be helpful and meaningful for the college.
<*>CoA-SC welcome booth (Sign-up forms, Flyers)
Room to room information dissemination
Web Promotion

Ongoing Recruitment of JCO - encourges CoA students to become faithful and fruitful workers for the college through CoA-SC and at the same time involve themeselves directly to activities of the college/university.
CoA-SC welcome booth (Sign-up forms, Flyers)
Room to room information dissemination
Web Promotion

June 15-30 Database - file keeping of student's information, department a offices' information and for networking and promotion of activities to the students.
Fill-up forms per section
SIS access

June 26 Freshmen Orientation Seminar - provides assistance to freshmen accountancy students for better understanding of the course and career to be taken after the course. At the same time to familiarize the students to the person's whom they could ask for help and promotion of activities for the school year.

1st Issue. June 8, Release: Oct. 30
2nd Issue. Oct. 1, Release; March 20

CoA-SC Newsletter - to inform the students of the completed project, ongoing and upcoming activities of CoA-SC and also for information dissemination and entertainment.(8 pages broadsheet)
News Team
News - 2
Opinion - 1
Feature/Literary - 2
Entaertainement - 1/2
Health/Science - 1/2
Classified Ads - 1
Calendar/FS - 1

June 8, Release: July 18 and Aug 18.CoA Merchandise - gives identity to the students of the college.

(Launching) June 8, (Game) June 20-July 25 Basketball Tournament Season 2 - to promote camaraderie and friendship and display sportsmanship among CoA students throungh sports activity.

July 20-26 Accoutancy week
Fun Booths
Leadership Training Seminar (JCO & YouLeaP)
How to get better grades (Freshmen)
Stress Management (Sophomores)
Voter's Education (Juniors and Seniors)
CoA Icon
BBT 2 Awarding Ceremony
Acquintance Party

August JCO & YouLeaP Convergence - follow-up LTS to continously enhance the leadership skills of JCOs and YouLeaP.

September CoA IDOL - to engage showcase the singing prowess of accountancy students.

Oct. 1-2 PUP Foundation Day - to pay tribute to the founding anniversary of PUP.
Amazing Race
Academic excellence Award

November - December CoA BT3

Feb 12,13,15 Valentines Special - promotes camaraderie and friendship while celebrating hearts day.

Feb 15-20 Teacher's Week - to pay tribute to our parents at school, our professors.

March 12 Acoustic glam jam - acoustic band competetion.

March Academic Excellence Award
Victory/Closing Party

If you are interested to take part in these activities, feel free to visit us at CoA-SC Office>

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